What to Do When Chronic Pain Makes Exercise Difficult

Rodney Sloan

Regular exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s also a great way to find joy in life. As you age, you will probably start dealing with more and more chronic pain. This leads many people to gradually stop exercising. However, the benefits of exercise can help combat many of the negative aspects of advancing age. In order to stay active, try these three ideas.

Try Different Exercises

Your chronic pain may be being aggravated by the kinds of exercises that you are doing. Sports and activities that involve lots of running and jumping are considered high impact activities. High impact activities can put a lot of strain on your joints and increase your pain. Instead, try low-impact activities. A low-impact activity will require you to engage your muscles without having to deal with sudden impacts. These include things like walking, cycling, swimming, light weightlifting and much more. If you need help, consider getting a personal trainer. Be sure to explain to your trainer the pains that you are dealing with so they can tailor a program to your needs.

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Take Supplements with Your Workouts

Most chronic joint pain is caused by inflammation of tissues in the joints. This can put pressure on nerves causing pain. The inflammation can also cause your joints to stiffen and increase the probability of an injury. Taking supplements can help stop the inflammation from occurring.

CBD is a great supplement that you can take. Not only will it reduce inflammation, but it has a multitude of other beneficial effects like reducing stress and anxiety. Just keep in mind that exercising can decrease the time CBD is effective in your body. If you choose to use CBD, make sure that you get it from a reputable source. Not all CBD vendors are straightforward about the contents of the product. Sometimes CBD oil is diluted by hemp oil. Just be sure to check the ingredients on the packaging before buying. Keep in mind, it is not a drug. CBD is a legal substance in all 50 states and cannot be used to get high.

Source: https://www.sweetleafhempfarms.com/store/Premium-CBD-Oil-c46746404

See a Therapist

If your pain is serious, you may need to get some professional help. Even if it isn’t serious, you may wish to consult with a therapist so that you can prevent it from becoming worse. A good physical therapist can help you understand the cause of your issues and how to avoid them. They can also give more personal recommendations for treatment based on your situation.

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You only get one life. Don’t let your life be defined by the pain you are currently experiencing. You may have to make adjustments, but you shouldn’t be constrained by it. Through proper care and preventative measures, you can treat your chronic pain and continue living an active lifestyle.

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