Shipping Information

Estimated Delivery Time

1-30 days. Exact delivery times depends on the location the items are shipped to and from and shipping method selected during checkout. You will receive an shipping time frame once you add your items to the shopping cart and begin the checkout process.

Once you purchase your item/s we will send you a link with the exact shipping time frame and tracking information so that you can track the progress of your orders shipment.

We stand by our shipping time frames 100%. We understand that unfortunate circumstances can cause a delivery to not arrive on time or not in the proper condition. Please keep your tracking information so you know the status of your shipping and so you can know of any possible delays. If for any reason your item does not arrive on the shipping time given or not in the proper condition, or the package is damaged, please contact us by email at  and we will assist you to and you will be eligible for a refund. 

We appreciate you and thank you from Home Gym Tech.