Jade Roller - Portable Facial Massager (Ships from USA)

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Ever wondered that simply rolling out on the face could do more than you had ever imagined? It improves the elasticity of your skin, enhances the drainage of the lymphatic system, and improves blood circulation. Few other benefits are that it evens the skin tone, tightens it and reduces the pores.

The best part of it is the way it has to be used-no electricity, no battery or such device. It simply has to be mechanically moved. And it does its work!

It can give best results when kept in the refrigerator or on ice.


Jade Roller is a skin-care tool, which allows rolling massaging your face
It uses the naturally cool stone to provide that extra chill to your skin and calm the nerves
It has multiple skin benefits and restores the skin to normal
It makes your skin supple and is a great workout for the facial muscles
Features a double-ended roller to be used effectively for every part of your skin
It eliminates toxins and heals your skin
One has to simply roll it on the face to get better results

Color: pink, green
Material: Jade